The first case history of Joseph Conti, an icon in MPD literature, could not be more different. It challenges the dissociation hypothesis too pure and simple. 

I protest to thee, O Reader, that finding in me neither the genius nor the ability required of an Artist of Fine Arts (a difficult undertaking even for those who have both genius and ability), I have compiled these brief biographical memoirs after reflections and more pindaric fantasies, with the sole object that the time may come when some learned person may avail himself of them and write a work worthy of living for the benefit of the arts and to the praise of this my beloved work.

Joseph Conti

On the Lar generation

The Lar expresses its the thoughts and affections in men: remembrance, with impressive vivid experiences of recollection, tends to preserve and hand down in the distant future times, those places, those expressions of ‘thoughts and affections that formed their self-consciousness.

Sulla generazione del Lar di Joseph Conti
Percorso di Joseph Conti


What, which in the beginning of the Preface to this work we said to be the ordinary fate of the immense hours, especially of the living Animules, is that they can never be brought to such perfection, if they are not always capable of amends and growth.

Conservative prototype

The inclusion of the development of “mapping” is necessary to highlight the scalar processes of this method, mapped processes that aim to provide both general and point contextual details during collection, analysis and exposition by means of data modeling. 

Prototipo conservativo di Joseph Conti

The humanizations

From the studies of Joseph Conti

What is clearly represented in the “humanizations” is the path each Lar takes to engage the body-dimora in its experiencing with the world.

book di Joseph Conti
Adflatus di Joseph Conti

It is the attempt to assert one’s own individuality which, far from that hitherto believed parasitic form, is instead necessary support for the refutation of the “dual” theorem in which the two aspects: the self-bodily and the acting agent Lar, are found without subordinate conjunctions, in a paratactic ordering, mediated solely at the point of orbital eccentricity

Unique pieces by Joseph Conti

Dell’Arte fantasma nell’umana salute
Of Phantom Art in Human Health

Archivio SacchiniGap storici, ParamnesieOtotopieSRCPrototomi.
Each category collects several articles. Each article can be understood as a trace that suggests a meaning to the narrative. The exploration will thus present itself as a weaving where warp and weft will come together according to one’s path. The present material is available for those who wish to make use of it by “weaving” their own representation.

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