Prototype T-0


«We were led towards barbarism, with the bitter certainty that the nature of such disgrace would never be understood. With its cruel artifice the necessary resolution was revealed to us and we, thirsting for truth, hungry for ultimate justice, prepared the ominous banquet. In that age of iron and fire a terrible phantom manifested itself through the senseless chaos in every mortal being; it was the simulacrum of true purpose.

An indistinct, dark matter that stirred every soul, transformed and perpetually resurrected deep anger. An eternal alternation of destruction and rebirth inexorably united the impending cycles of time. The antagonists; the austere followers of Stoicism and the light-hearted Epicureans, thrown into the fray of the order of the silvery clupeoids, were actors in a theatre in which discord firmly held the strings of existence of every raging soul.

Oh, if only concord were the imperishable law of nature! A conviction that no resolve could defy, no monarch could disregard, and, where ever, no pity should be foreign. But fate decided otherwise.

The contrast has spread like a poison, passing from hand to hand between nations, insinuating itself into their beliefs, religions and languages. It has dissipated piety, awakening curiosity towards unknown lands and, inexorably, it has fuelled the lust for power and reinvigorated greed, two dark demons that forge mankind today, in the time of iron and fire.

The lust for power reawakened the thirst for command, with its eloquent voice, exaggerating disgust for the present, asserting absolute control over the world, while its devious sister, greed, rampant with greed, with tempting promises, painting a radiant and abundant future over all things.

When peoples disavowed the great ancestral souls of their ancestors, they found themselves forced to cross inhospitable lands and brave oceanic storms, in search of new kingdoms, new subjects to subdue, new gods to implore. So it was that the beasts got the upper hand over the souls. A whirlwind of slaughter, new superstitions and new languages, enveloped the earth like a shroud.

Let us then, O wandering souls, light the dark path, looming night of decadence!

With desperate courage do the righteous seize the spark of the cause that burns consumed in passion. Their hearts forcefully reject the fallacious creed.

Be vigilant that, even if you are abandoned to death, your last breath may become a sacred tribute to the elusive truth!

For us, Lady Death, we ask to prepare an eternal refuge, where true revelation can dispel accumulated vengeance and end suffering. We yearn for a deep and meaningful understanding that will guide us to the challenges ahead».

(From the epistle of Romerinus to Marcus Aurelius II: “Novus”. Tridentum, 1910, Vol. I, p. 13).