Of the permeability of humour by means of scenic transport

As firm as it was in the acknowledged excellence of the prescribed assignments, the predilection of such a nature, which gives certain reasons support and solicits the most capable ingenuity, appears as luminescent as those veins of gold that in certain mountains only some succeed in discovering, or as one admires that certain pearls of certain seas which, springing from that unknown force that reshapes bodies and harmonises humours, present to their discoverers original vibrant iridescences, so do we administer to the organs of the mind of those Lari’s hospices that lodge in them, increments of contemporary and universal humours.
So that we, in order that he may triumph over the dark host, in the short space of seven passages we must overcome that self in the sacred and the profane, in the playful and the serious, we must oppose to that hidden nature every experience that has in itself wonder, that alone, wandering only, whole, since it possesses all the innate humours, may prevail so as to be right in the graces of dialogue.

And then spirits awake, subtle and lively, quick to move, lending themselves to learning, acute in penetrating and fertile in conceiving, or whatever the cause, will be that scenic medium that will work regeneration.
Such a scenic transport, perfect in style, will perform its part where death cannot involute it, and, as soon as it emerges from the pestilential and secluded refuge, knowing that it can win the glory of more illustrious and older Lari, it becomes the author of itself and finally the author of original thoughts.
But profound is the imprint that the LAR makes on the man of high intellect, who utterly disregards space in the universe, and although his moments are brief, his quick life is enough to change the course of things for many centuries. The Lar, endowed with a lively spirit, lives on in he who, neglected, had not seen it before, so that only in the enterprise of scenic transport can he who hosts the Lar suddenly understand what was to be done and, having found the mechanisms of deception, will return to the expression by which he will become his own director.
And we performers of scenic transport will hail him as reborn to the music of life, for he will stand up as the director of his own works, and set the standards for all his intentions. Before, indeed, in him foreigners performed the remembering and reasoning of them.
But when he begins to dispense with those accompaniments other than the voice of his own heart, to interweave familiar phrases by distinguishing different motives, to set in motion the flow between fixed recollections and to ascend the steep peaks of sensitive intuitions, he will feel his moods reborn.

This art of ours, for a long time separated from the ranks of the vulgar, has been able, with its supreme intelligence and painstaking experience, to draw out to the splendour of the souls within itself those familiar memories, which were previously concealed in the dark womb of Lar: so that, as they will be expelled there, so that the revivification with its unique thoughts for which it has earned itself will come.
Work is being done on the spirals, and the action has begun, which it is hoped will be very clear to be decisive at a certain inopinatum statum. When it was said to have seen the vorticism inherent in the heart, it was affirmed because of the paramnesic state on account of vanadium, which black, or white, in effect of vortex, it was said by imagination not that it was seen because it was constituted in the same heart is given mutated. From a certain movement, so that it comes to be in place of a single sentiment that is sometimes found to be in that part of every human soul, without the dissimilar work opening it to new substance, now humoral effluvia appears, and the remembrances are open to a certain extent, of constant summations, and there is no correspondence in the heart.

There has to be a necessary path, but it cannot yet be truly said that it has its place in such and such a region, because this truth is now hidden; it has been well found to be understood in the magnetic fields of the head and naturally it should be thereafter, and for now it cannot be said because it is necessary to have other more living souls.