Vortex vs Ruach

On vorticity

From Fr. Baltieri’s paper on the dynamic effects of Lar, Ch. III:

“Altered by the forces of intra moenia vorticity, perturbed by the predominant force, in the case of paramnesia there is the manifestation of an attraction that surprises the subject who incurs it. Such attractiveness expressed outside of any apparent cause is indicative of a sentient presence. It is part concause and part solicitation of a Spiritus loci. The boundaries delimiting the active influence of the Spiritus loci as the cause of the arising of attractiveness in the Lar are not yet clear. A primary motion of the Lar’s specific volitional expressions, the Spiritus loci is in turn made energetically pervasive by the presence of lares in a certain place, their number determining the quality of the Spiritus loci’s expression.

The individual assumes as other than himself, as a speculative reality, a surrogate of himself. Evident then is the volition of otherness which, in the constant quest to persuade itself to be consubstantial identity, familia, places its gazes at the service of the host. All this, however, does not take place in an antagonistic relationship; in fact, the Lar must somehow provide for its own integrity, which can express itself only if a symbiotic balance reigns with the individual with whom it is associated more or less intimately. The Lar guarantees its own vitality by contributing to the development of a condition of necessary natural affinity.

To this end, the Lar tends to configure its own perception in the host individual as a natural extension of the same. One will therefore have to reflect over the difficulty to the future splitting of a dual entity.

We shall put in place all those methods, of proven efficacy, that can make us vigilant and secure when we are insinuated by the deep and fluid cause of remembrance. Condition that envelops and absorbs the uncertain soul, which unaware, finds itself part of the process by vanishing into otherness. Oblivious to being-in-itself, the process causes a state of conscious disavowal. The individual, interprets the flow of sensations, the natural expression of the self, but, like the one who, from time immemorial, sees himself only reflected in the mirror of the stream, will deem that deformed and decomposed image his true and clear nature, will feel familiar reassurance in the sight of it, and will disown any other representation of himself.

Imperciocally, this force, as an expression of the will to exist, is manifested in the sensitive being, at the summit of his mouth. For in the processes of pure inhaling we can detect the manifest effects that are expressed by the reduplication of the sentient soul in the pineal gland, which, would be misunderstood and likewise perceived as a singular unity.”

The surroundings acquire a special potentiality in the individual harboring the Lar. The sharpening of an “other” sensitivity develops a new perception of differences in intensity and in sounds, in ambient noises as well as in voices, in their tone, in their musicality.

The luminance of the surrounding areas, in which the individual happens to be, is perceived, producing illuminated narrative spaces. These present themselves, sensorially, as swirling streams, varied in strength but constant, rhythmic in an ordered sequence.

The process of such manifestation can be understood in its occurrence by considering it as an incompressible fluid, not viscous, but organic, in hispecies isolated from the stresses and influences of external forces, psycho-somatic in nature. In this case the motion is inertial is expressed by a secretion of thyrotropin (TSH). The angular momentum is conserved and the vorticity vector is integral with the producing matter, the circadian sleep-wake rhythm regulator melatonin. If at a given instant the vorticity is aligned with a material line of infinite length it reacts to the little light thus remaining aligned.

In the ototopic process triggered by inspiration, the motion of paramnestic alternations, is expressed between the discrete frequencies of 5 and 76. The system qualifies into a projection that is transported to timeless concepts. So that the transport of the spirit renders in different motion the personality proximally equal to the manifested one, both for the same sense and in its opposite, a feeling of familiar memory, often with profound sentimental effect, will be expressed at the same time. Thus occurs the verification of a new and clear integration of res cogita and res extensa for the benefit of an awareness of the other self, of the Lar self.