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Painter Lazario Auro

He was born to Boethis, a painter, and Lamia Gersio, in the capital of the Stoic Empire on 20 September 1870. At a very young age, he graduated from the painting courses of the Stoic Academy, where he distinguished himself as the best student of the course between 1892 and 1895, under the guidance of …

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Basileides B

“We are obsessed with empty truths without works,And Thauma, true to life, such dogma denies.Anxious we are to reveal, that which is covered. In every forgetful assembly, for us it is revealed,fictitious, that World servant of vain detachment,and redeemed desire, our body yearns. Superb fulcrum, of insane mind, is now tedium,here new dream-seeds we grasp.Inexhaustible …

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«We were led towards barbarism, with the bitter certainty that the nature of such disgrace would never be understood. With its cruel artifice the necessary resolution was revealed to us and we, thirsting for truth, hungry for ultimate justice, prepared the ominous banquet. In that age of iron and fire a terrible phantom manifested itself …