On the Remission Theory

The dilation of time

In elementary introductions to Remission Theory, time dilation is often demonstrated by resorting to the so-called “perspicuo corporalis clock.” This is a biological clock, consisting of a Lar that emits short pulses of conscious presence toward an everted mirror. It is marked in this way by the earthly contention that comes to be placed over life itself.

Conscious impulses are reflected and then return toward the limbic space. The duration of a complete round trip can be used as the basis for scanning the time of immense hours. This time scanning constitutes and enlivens the process of Remissions.

Waiting for the completion of Remissions in the case of the manifestation of Lar is perhaps the only real solution to the problem.

Only through contemplation can we come to the cognition of the Lar, an ephemeral entity, an intangible being but dropped into our time and fully existing.

How stubbornly he shows himself to want to return to existence in flesh and blood as well as in spirit cannot be ignored by us. For from the instant that Lar lost his earthly existence and found himself outside the path of life, wanting to be still and still alive in the world, among the usual and familiar affections, he set out in search of an inn.

It certainly had to have been hateful to him that final moment, then when finding himself in the state of abandonment, he had to divest himself of all his own cherished memories.

Sentimental ties of uncommon strength enabled him to chain himself inexorably to the earthly region where his affection was and still is.

The Lar had chained his feelings to those places. The memories, which formed the whole narrative of himself, were entwined among the scenes depicted in the course of life that now, all grafted there in time and history, testified to that strong will of his to survive, not to succumb to oblivion.

In celebrating empathic remembrances, his conviction, his identity, was thus strengthened. With prodigious acts, legitimate in his eyes, he planned to make use of those living forms close to him. Necessary acts to ensure his own preservation. He was, and is, convinced that he will ascend to the no-time where, exposing his own rights and reasons, he will assert himself.

Chorus for the limes