Liminal path


Who was I before the unexpected splendors? Who was I to accept a singular gift without necessarily rejecting the prior condition enjoined? Whether it was by choice or by necessity the principle of the artifact, the origin that became born oblivious of the already experienced, soars. Such and self-generated origin will give us new grounds for life. Shyly I melt a bow to the present that has turned the furious winning gaze toward the kinetic flight of cloths open to complex volutes. Believed I in breaking vague refractory prodigies. Even to the drunken glitter of gold we shall spin exalted afflictions. Shameful sepulchres shall twist against us. You bestials who implore a god have the strength to disturb him by raising rising legacies so that sometimes they ooze self absolutes sufficient to them.

Disturb the iron and I watch the unchanged gates, perhaps all you’ll notice is the scanning of voids and solids but nothing of the interdicted spaces. Coglievi such his that stands the same desires resemble. Believe it knees so ask each ho. From unexpected gesture to surprise is then a game, a retouching of certain usual movements all in copy of a forgotten matrix. Weapons you sense only if you keep silent, devout laughter I fear to get rid of the light. They seem to be what you want to mean though in presence was consumed the cycle of the trembling season. Was it then intended to pose us a warning? That in the end the whispering breath would in fact live only once. Consumptive, she wanted to accomplish whatever was necessary to be able to fulfill the salvation of turquoise vengeance. Colorations were the only avenues that had access to the catharsis of grudges.

Into the unknown 1

Cynical forces will come, covertly. Indifference will dissolve every wall, you will know the meaning without expressing words. On the neck then you will feel the very omen that aloof murmurs restlessly. At the bedside the memory that caused the shipwreck did not present itself. One glimpsed a scar of my leaving me in that amoral and lofty character, understand? I shall see in the eye three poisoned truths that bring confusion to the beautiful thought. Of the three one proved deadly and thus prevented the preservation of his memories. I know the reason for them to depart, how not to be able to provide me with temporary provisions, his certain but that expectation heard light when my departure enters. It may be in the subdued mistakes we will proclaim who weary suffer in the whys. Erased from the world, watch him now approach remembrance, I have confidence that he will be the only one who can interrupt the skimpy impatience. Dress full of lacks can with the sky think future wings? Bellic arrival of the violent fury that caused wounds and too many dark instances.

We will go betrayed by the unlived use of memories. They know how to make the dangerous prey be hidden there, where beseeching, will convince that pity will go wince. Delightfully prevents the beautiful childish rejoicing from learning the later. I pray be worth the toil that others never knew from which a vain wait was never long. Suddenly on lofty peaks of cheerfulness took refuge anonymous suspended. It too wanted to re-enter them with some uncertainty. I have misfortune! I convulsive found myself far from my shadow. Now you ask me how it happened. Mystical phenomenal treatment that with keen lucidity observes the then trembling return to gold. Reappeared statuesque and subdued the well-established conviction that in my tradition subjected itself to time. Eternity, thou hast trembling expectation and extinguished hope! Thus repeated the long lived: “You deceive us with hope and promise obvious treasures where you dissolve creatures. You are a road I will not take!” Repentant then will you ask for me who now set on the road to nowhere will observe you there without discovering me.

Into the unknown 2

Go and see the maiden of the monument again. It was me now that I remember. Time destroys by standing dramatically on its knees, intoxicated. World returning to the god of old that ages thought to erase. Lonely struggling souls know so much of him. Devoted yoke pressing hai nerves. Then again many forces engage the happy path and only hope will live if not for you. Gone are the hopes, it is the certainties that linger and, in conscious emptiness, extinguish the heavy accusatives, that, meager, time wants to keep them there. Heroes for all the truth false was to the faint hearing that, at last, heard of those who to the sound did not believe. Stifled well reappeared that gold imagined admired and blessed. From the woods to the meadows he sought vibrant the then that first of all if any. Oricellar familiars exalted the spirit to action, wanted the Lari prevented him wince false emotion. Pulsing with incandescent waves the immense comet was invested with a common hope, a request for epiphany hanging on destiny was fulfilled among the narrow illusions of my existing. It is its cosmic dust that I sigh. You will be immune to the elbow that greets. Greed was covered but you systematically elevate those you do not know. For the sick man was denied exit to his domestic occupations, perhaps tomorrow to duties. On the intriguing uncertainties then dueled jointly expressed phrases, whose rapture must be escaped. And so the silence came and was fulfilled.

Tendering head to the luminous incumbency, he willed of imperiousness the salvation that burned to most. In a fiber, certain they would dominate, they knotted the omen. I have a dismay at magnified returns of you. But I cannot climb the eroded wall, mass in the making. I’ll hold to the timid atomic breaths I imagined destroyed newfound faith. From afar, have searched caracoling the rare stone of remorse, exploring histories have assumed balms needed to bow. On the world’s shattered roof they appealed for salvation. So the refugee standing upright on his cry lit verbs liberated in water. Shame called our companion met feeling. Cimento heated souls to watch the endless pleading but bereft of salvation trembling. Did nothing the born of the black sun. Soon occulting sands will suffocate dynamic circuits. You have nothing that will prevent what I saw in the late rock empire. You should erase the wrathful glorious assertiveness. There is no more room for “would like to give.” Period descended with placated effort awakens the doubts that from dusty soil rise to my shining track. Raw on the comfort the years are in their way declining in the theme.

Into the unknown 3

Already I thought of confidant counsel when they aroused interdiction and surprise the levitated portals. But only the true net goes from shore to light to gather what the indistinct index dictates. All felt of that elsewhere that was sinless. Arms in motion from the way for an aggressive self I see rising from the shores. Rebubbled restrained such throbbing angry flow, so as not to meet with dense ignorance. Flow that retained energy even lowering the bitter and anonymous stresses. Reopening to me the childish sores that fill memories was the painful way to rise over every curiosity seated on the windowsill. Veracious gave expectations in the deserted purity of purple. Surrounding the vital point began the flow again. In the surrounding lodges emerged mimes intoxicated in persuading those who, observed, tried to reproduce a dragged thought. Thus pale snows in the evening’s twilight sealed fair agreements by freezing fingers. Twirled the true between frozen hands, a mournful opinion dripped. Iron and ice marveled those on the face who called themselves humble. I will know before your first anguish the missing and focused concepts. Ardita will be who will give on the canvas a lively white stroke.

Come in the filial obstacle or fall in becoming of the lemmas of good fusion. Miserable cynical dedicatee started the motion toward the eternal split. The past corroded that motion with dates erased on canvases. Limits of grace were imposed where faith wavered, then weary limbs improvised but a false hold. Illusions passed conjoined along a drawn distance that only targeted icons before had traveled unscathed, deleterious and subdued the limit was there waiting. Turned toward a reassuring disavowal when the drawn distance recovered to the knowing un was judged to cause confusion. While some shreds of illusions shattered against a thick denial some truly prostrate and confused bends raised their amen.

Into the unknown 4

Only an indistinct hinted elegance lived at the end of the journey while the targeted icons were recovered in the continuation of the journey there where there was uncovered screeching and sometimes intense volatility. Thinking of the variation in scale that every work is forbidden, all creation must question itself, here lies in nexus. Nerves, rays, perhaps without having slow and enveloping improper considerations of their being known. Only painful formal torment that considers itself idiomatic can prove a powerful talisman. Loading dreaded no’s on the edge leads to a lonely yearning and peremptory faith both sides. Pleasing to have more attention flying along mile-long reasoning. Indomitable bitterly I wanted to mock knowing that the taste of vengeance pains me. Then became a monument of others’ remembrances What then became pyramid in vain begged. Benevolently the hope that came by surprise attenuated the disfigurement. Even now a hopeful immanence camps on the top of the limit, and if then, one day, it is taken away from the lonely unjustified suspension we shall come in peace by directing the voice beyond the limit.

Simple practices were adopted at the turn of the new time, and in the wake of the reverse proceeding the practitioners did not turn back. The hunt for contrary conditions began, before a spirit of vengeance boiled over in the brave witnesses, stray tensions flaked the very slight perceived. They generated in the onlookers an uneasy animation without, however, announcing that resistance was in the offing. Passage judged risky, reckless, a lethal pronouncement, one that wanted to drive out the old god that was necessary to necessity. Eventually only whiteness was able to deal with indefinite disinvestigations. Confident agreements were then renewed, but indistinct time was also consumed, time of the watcher rising from the field of vision. He was well organized but observed with sadness, trying to sense imperceptible hours, under the counter. Beautiful, the discovery of an extra minute, wants to overwhelm to pensively return a dragged degree of stillness. Laughs of yesterday indarno the wave enclosed in fierce and viscous livid anachronisms. If in trembling contracts the theme is only revealed today it is in the complicit darkness that conceals tomorrow. Some flood of balms now you had to navigate and, when required, interject amiably. Hid it in all its obstinacy and now that it goes its ways you deceived the dreamy and firm sun in suffering without being able to match it. Perfect lonely reposed relevancies, somewhat listless to those who contain true wings. The beautiful evocation raised the restless dream that choosing time will fade. It will seem so tearing to you now to suck in the game I don’t recognize, but she smiled.

Into the unknown 5

o deny chaos will be little convincing, I see myself compelled to sail between exceptions that have surmounted now indisposed logics. As of what logical knot I aim in compact engagement then go wince with our lives, and go. If you fear an unhappiness that overshadows your mood among the tamarisks of the sculptured bush don’t inhale the false fragrances of pity. Shape the mist that sparkles in the sanitized primeval forest, rediscovered to the obliterated memories that no memory ever again fatigue. Be a bright smile, believe in erratic stories with fervor, be exalted by the splendid possibility of being, all together, in widespread convergence. Windows vociferate of an exterior populated with life, speculate on trajectories that thunder into a clear sky, without disturbing it, then, after heaven, a lost pilgrim emerges, asking for direction. The truth that burned on small familiar altars was then reduced to golden pancakes. Not a single affirmation could be found seething. Then, perhaps, by a dismayed verse we will change our customs. And so I too will look for a story to console me. A renewing of the horizon. Let us touch the lands of your traditions quietly, with respect and compassion for the long devolutions that have sickened the wings of history. Finally the logical compendium stands out in symmetrical space, here he is intent in declaring himself Cenobite of reason. A verse in two, peopled with hope breathes on blind minds. Do not believe that glorious reason has ignored our suffering questions. Mute, wearily seated on its throne, the logical compendium stares at its reflection, so while again and again we lightly touch the lands of your origins, brave nays thunder in us. Freed from the curse of his own reflection, the logical compendium continues the exposition of directives. Assertive its eloquence lives in vain in univocal and navigated time; it goes searching for that promise submerged in daily living. Would they leave now those blind minds anchored, secluded, hyenas of the rough lands of disinterest.

Perhaps I will tell of the return of one of them, when it fatally unveils the destination of those saucing trajectories, constantly engaged in surpassing themselves directed to a random reproducing spatiality. Pain held by nature, by weary longing, by nomadic stars, pain never sought by those who aimed the slight horizon of hope. Partial observation refracts attraction. Emery bonds go girding the depressed cliffs of bitternesses, and then, having occurred all misunderstanding, meritorious the viewpoint will suspend all judgment. Lateral illumination bringing refined teleologies to suffering, welcome back among us. Now he is better than good, the only specific motion of my life.

It has the all weightlessness but when it fell it undermined the foundation of the world’s mad flock. On time he elides the interrupted suspense. He alone knows why on the uroboric altar every sacrifice acquires meaning, even if a faint hint of a “thou shalt have” remains. I will tell stories by lowering vain perorations to that recollection that resembled you so much, I will detail it circumstantially. That circumstantiating is futile is a risk to which I bow, placated in the saved torture of the imperfect stalemate. Fresh buds of weariness, though solitary flowing subdued the vaporous scent, in its dissolution kindles vague simulacra. Sitting, as if unwilling, I’ll open seasons of lashing irony on the “thank you” I see again engraved on the handsome semblance of the gentle border who, slave to an imposed track, lies, still and silent. By costei. the prison border, had always been waiting for a concession, only purity that the polite border, yearned for in gift. Unburdened he leaned on her shoulder and hoped the brotherly boundaries would open but in vain, of power they feared. Reanimated by a wind of novelty that had taken to blowing impetuously, being able to count on the prime numbers that circumstantiated the sum, I lifted the sumptuous supports of a long banished god and caraculated radiantly on a reasonable certitude that, already armed and accompanied by its militia, claimed to sink me here and now. Thus holds my certitude, steadfast in its array affirms itself, plies the waves of the oceanic expanses of fossil hopes. My poietic Levantine questioning becomes assertive. Happenings that follow one another, enterprising mirages, heavily bend the supreme janitor’s attention, shape every second that, on closer inspection, will be able to find plans tangent to the “will win though defeated.” I’ve run out of references to immanent pasts, you’ll see stretching with every gust of that wind of novelty a smiling expression mocked beneath the track. It will also laugh at the motion you in vain invite at each year’s rising. My weary remarks steeped in brief references you can bury even now.
Entire argument connected to a “therefore” landslides under the shock of vindictive right. Repairing at the auspices, an endangered species, doubt failed to drink the chalice of volitional heroic farewell. Oh dear stars of the World, I live only in the imperfect participle, so that you lived from wave to wave. I will speak of a lack of remorse, I have ready an outline, manifest certain, in which I lead all your “shoulds.” Remorse is admittedly unexpressed but surely perpetuated and throbbing. Sarcastic latencies emerge. Taking care of feelings, why should I? Perhaps I could store them in a precious case and entrust them to the gentle border. Already I could see amiable comrades allocate themselves to the janitor’s crown. Do what you think, once you meet the end of the discourse, you will be gently bound to the strains of esteemed perplexity, you will delegate, thus betrayed, the eager trampling of soft commiums.

Into the unknown 6

It will make every ideal its own, and only when our faith preserves us from predictive myths can we declare all plundering concluded. Thoughts strike more stubbornly than any sweetness, now lost in sorrow, now exalted they travel using karst trajectories. Sublimated in the suspended of an expectation, simultaneous repercussions charge through all that remains, flowing along a disrupted dream. Never was there greater blame than the load of judgments that, burdensome, collapsed as the response of an oblivious past and thought within a memory. Preventing him from culling the possible was an endeavor but, look at him, on his being goes crackling faintly a decanted swarm of poisoned reflections, suspended hours that go oozing. Sonorous bow girds a legacy execrable and harsh. You seemed to ask for storms but it was not the propitious season so your benevolent observance invented an indignant lucubration. The answer exerted laconic affectations and oppressed mouths imbuing the panorama with an emblematic ask for an account of atmospheric sentiment. When the fierce arrows beautifully wounded every where you seemed clearly surprised but I’d like to throw you two bony words. Roses from the unverified psalmodic scents of assertiveness, stationary couplets correct in spreading prosthetic judgments. Turning to the two opposing truths, where the beautiful talented conviction, smilingly reveals itself. I aim the wise plan and deny it in secret. Alone, now convinced of the violated benefit, in the decadent abstentions, I’ll look freely at the propitious way of escape. Born of supponent controversy, on every abjured tract persecuted, erasure fell and oblivion was cast. A few surviving tracts, sheltered in intermediate planes, under the radar, escaped the attempt of the obliteration of memory. Winds raise here and now the blessed and desperate hope. Consumed by the throbbing of an incomprehensible life, the vital construct attempted to discover invisible emotions, aware that, he alone, could see again a mirroring of pure eternity. That state of vigilance toward a polar horizon, glittering, broke through my fingers. Rambling actor, tying up nexuses good for every unexpressed butthole, the lived experience of before and after bowed at the drama’s end. Premises to a promised ending, versatile rhymes ooze affastellated nexuses, exuding persuasive and addled expectations. Concluded bands envelop the set neglect, intone narratives and sing of the flowing river of pride. Bands that at the end of the journey baste a necessary farewell. An ending that can bridge the auditory gap between the powerful thunder and the vital inner beat. Substance diffused backward, in a viaticum that intakes flights that invoke perplexity. I have in me the night flowing darkly to my eyelids. It bluffs deliciously among its favorite spectres. Marked arcane chiromanies arrange themselves in arcs equalizing sedimented seeds amalgamated to beautiful propositions.

Renewed in concept and firm in banishing all subjugation, we set out to free them from the tribulation that oppressed spontaneous declensions. In the penumbra of attentions in an oblique sense, the sense of life kindled crowded hopes. Always remember to smile at the consummate point of intersection. I have truly effective ones to collect and file away for a future of probable famine. I intend to see in the splendors of bright mornings the mystery embedded in the texture of an illuminated codex that promises sanctity. Reappearing, forgetful and grateful to be for all no one, he recognized in the desire to know the sensible appreciations that would renew him. They were angular declinations that the forgotten one set about to level, he was determined to improve the faiths lysed by the irate celestial coordinates, but hesitated on the negative ridge. Firm purposes rumbled in the firmament, defeating the yoke that weighed on the articulate choreography of life’s dance. And then the third warning sounded, the pantomime of flowery hopes began. Singing a pleading chant he entered the scene on the bias. Inspired he shouted, ” How dare you preach of feral enslavement, smiling with devious rage? And was it because of the sharp enunciation that you attempted insidious deceptions decorated with beaming smiles?” Facing ill-concealed bondage belongs to incredulous spirits, of the good, on its necessary preventing mutation, is the task of such spectres. Soul of the marginalized old hinge, now rusty and covered with ancient nequieties, was not the paucity of your operation worth it, who found your race inconvenient? Which of the two possible negatives did you hear in the screeching of your ride? Negative to most, the presence of prostrate trembling, took on at times a scent of alienating expectation. As we fatten our consciousness we will take weight off the necessary and then soon stretch vocalizations of supreme hope to time to ask it for stillness, and then, sitting, we will count the hours waiting for the passing. Long for all was the universal sanctification of the word that in ostension groaned. Gravida grace, he knew how to beguile us with sweet gold so that my wings understood they were useless, gold fixed to gratitude the infinite light motion. My poor art go away babbling of a possible later, humiliated you will affiliate ghostly proselytes. I waited outside the place, the reverse loculus, one who could reopen my angelic wings but the imperious chimerical objectivity ordered that the fierce facts took all assumptions about to rise. I understand that now it is late, the vain ostension camps deliciously on the out of the lines, winks smiles to subtract from the frantic “neither now nor never” the illusion of immortality. Here she leans toward the vanishing point, held by the celebrant’s hands, beckons the horizon seated near the heroic arrival, gives him a weary exhortation. Sometimes even genuflected on the weary foundation, though he indulges in moments suspended between dutiful rests, daring expressive attitudes, he emphasizes the possible elsewhere. Hyphenating illustrious viaticals he thus gives way to the swift grapple. Corrous, venerable, caducous top oh how many things time erases of your years. But it aloft laughs. Pensive, I seek the least obvious way to forget insipient fractals that motter beautifully.

Into the unknown 7

Where candid bitterness shines, unique identifiers and all other device data persevere with subdued ads and content, personalized epithets, attempted measurement declares expedient distancing. Plots of subdued ads and content, with targeted audience insights hear elide all development, all product conversion. In view of the exit from the main theme, now weary, placed texts of vague Latin phrases, everything coming to an end. Side by side, defeating every minute spent in loving anticipation, trusting in the faithful call to action, we risked it all and threw ourselves into the poietic limit to defeat limit and symmetry. Barely risked your moved recommendation for last endeavor. Will we then have sincere contact? On the threshold the shaking manifested and, thus, the succession was opened. It was agreed that it was fitting, since the disappearance of all traces of the one who embodied order was noted, at the place of the last domicile and across the threshold. The birth of a new augur took place in the sapiential darkness of the suspended hours. The valiant spirit trusted in his worshippers who collimated in their faith with the elements gathered from pure chaos; objects disappeared at the sole admirable act of use. High canticles contain antidotes to covetous expectations conjoined, genuflected but never dome, psalms ready to smile, certainly never tame but bearing some scar. Equaling the expectations of devout activists frustrates the notions of prudent confidence that a new faith will have to bear; the longing for a supplication will give the dragged believer a phantasmal motive, it is therefore of this I prophesied before you deceived me. It will raise then the delightful reassurances, when subdued and ready, making use of ancient talismans, I will validate my reasonable doubt. Certainties, heavily rigged, lift the fragrant creed. Cynical shows its cold poetry and escapes the smile that ghostly glows. Blocked cimento, never will I open to the armada of the elected seal the finished signal. Worked with diffuse irrationality, criterion melts dispersing listless contractions. Breeding mounts graze on the evening dusk, knowing that to the foretold forced yoke, where the strong win, they will never be forced. To go away refreshed by the sense of tenderness, that’s what I’ll do, yes, go away from the logical singular, sanctified by the gay science. I will know how to walk away from the precipitate before it manifests itself in necessary consequence of purified premises. I will hover over the reason you do not understand. I will wait to pick the bouquet I have caught in the meadow of flowery misunderstandings, there by the sources of law. In vain a heartfelt incitement will be shouted on the front of the perspective plane, but only those who invoke the cloud will enjoy its rain. Before a timely dissection will take place of me, how will it, I ask you, my speech, distributed outside the lines, how will it be heard, if there will be no one who will be in charge of announcing it? Sometimes I died caducous on my questioning the void. Good as the whipped pallor of evening, the recursive prophetic put his holy functions on the apparent solution, reneging on the nice of circumstance, he uttered the name of the total for whom he wished to sharpen redundancy. Where benevolent embraces will be opened in vain the block of past isolation will suffocate the bold vestiges that sustain the hopeful centuries. Of those segregated actors will remain only rare rocks caressed by the waves of memory. Ardent intent silences only to hear the invocation of those who, all allusions, beyond the lacking implication, pose where never intended. Distended the vast fields of perorations the defenses staining assertive heroic theses. The sacred support waited for the concept to sit to resuscitate an intruding abstraction. For her, backward, stood the shifting mask of paradox. Perhaps now I would find it obstinate for what it contains.

Into the unknown 8

My vision is formed by the direction of attention. I stare at maps by going backwards through my knowledges. Then where it is established will die for you, on the edge of the loving line of a maybe. Gorgo slow but inexorable, dragging, involving, one by one, all assumed facts, indistinctly. The mutual necessity of survival of the whirlpool and the facts has the strength to bridge the paradoxical condition. Odorous myrtles go beyond the bank, there where the unread story is engraved. Out of convention, so that it may be able to present itself to the judgment of the solitudes, the shining originality, oftentimes accusing me of beaming when shining weapons. Useless now to rely on some amulet, seeking a solution to the imprint does not benefit that which must have turned to a master, it will be up to my experience and memory of what I once solved. Mild the judgment of solitudes rose on the doubts that prone, remained kneeling on the weary hummers, and as the innermost memories returned to awaken, of sustained creeds, they flashed toward the dense judgment that shrouded the indubitable faiths. In chariots the crowded harvest, fruit of the bountiful fields, shall be given to new life, over the appointed waters, primeval currents, and under the eternal skies. Ambiguous amulet, the convex representative of vociferous reasons, reassures the neophytes. In the darkness it happens that he claims to be able to switch to listening to the thunder and, lying in the cave, imagines he inherits the electric verb. Wrapped in magniloquent and radiating magnetism, absolute as a star, the convex judgment of solitudes, he ignored every assumption of chetitude which, however beautiful, did not captivate like hearing that call of thunder, proud and powerful, from which I had the vindictive charge. They have hard bark its detractors, and, however much breath I have, I shall continue to say no to semantic comedies. Bowed at last to the disease we were, the acerbic look and pallor I wish would fade, and you who lived on feverish, dated passions. Petals of the day, withered and trampled, I wish to give you back freshness but stooping over my poi, only with my traces, I embroider diaphanous memories. I keep the lemma, never will I capitulate to the treaty that, in the deafening intoned thunder, to be noticed wants in the guise of absolute assumption. I would see you again, plotted ornaments of my memories; while dissertation waited stable and delightful leaning on a ledge, observed smugly sensitive lines of the brilliant passage. To cause him to be sudden greatly the call of thunder, lest impatience prevail was that our endeavor; from the terraces noble artifacts, smiling, encouraged flashes for a clear propensity for evidence. Announcing itself with thunder, the convex judgment of solitudes wanted to know me; of that moment I still carry telomeres lit to imperishable memory. Those memories one day, now stuck who knows where, will reach the truthful assertion, and where now comes diverted the way so that direct epithets are raw and true. It came tight that, when two steps away it found itself, swiftly diverted for other hyperbole so that the minds would still be left with a reason. Grave mind, when shall I know what genius I mocked, armed to the teeth with smug irony?

Into the unknown 9

Better than the most persuasive passages, I now offer my viaticum to the pilgrim who has fled the fire of the new culture, harbinger of an alienating conversion, prodigal of infinite ambuscade. Cultured, the tradition resists the flames of the new gaze, will arise the benevolent need that you go as far as possible from the charms of the pugnacious front. Acerbity of the new tendency, it is for it was lost to know how to look in harmonic symmetry, to put on my heart its visions I donated the unknown harshness. Desperate, discovering himself childish and alone he landed on the shores of custom so that at last he was convinced he was safe, he made statuettes which he offered as a gift to the benign fate saying, “listen to me do not chase me away any more!” It was at the rise of shining doubt that appearances wanted to honor chaste precariousness. “Let a splendid and terrible incognito be carved, son of the destroyed assertion. Then, when a new curiosity is raised, let doubt incinerate every expectation, every hope.” Attempts tilting identitarian will indulge those who find those who opposed the splendid doubt and, haughty, did not bow their heads, trusting the those who return. Heroic warlike and, likewise, within a serene sense of seeing. Desperate mythological couplet, furious he railed at the fate that watched him from a singular windowsill. From the grim clock, beacon of the faithful to the god of time, farcical hours recited agile gaps. Now, long since, I followed my shadow that sometimes whispered, “wherever you go will ooze intact the image of proud intent.” Betrayed by the light is she who proudly tends to her dual nature and many are the things I shall know from her. Light did not know of the imaginative non-violation. Necessary termination to every intent revealing hosted remembrances, the day of perpetual scissure, will unveil the key to my reluctance to a shared signification. With great impetus then I died several times during the wait, as I dueled with galloping time, precipitated toward an unwanted arrival, clutched insecurely to the rump of the bestial creature, our wicked obstinacy to truth. Indicable illuminating validation, accompanying me, ombratile, into the tranquil water of commotion. Devoted always to such merit, bold in knowledge, perhaps too hopeful, I died that it was a pleasure. Ahead stood the end, living eye of dog. Alive, from perceptive terminations, escaped the late orthogonal vision, hieratic and wise, of which he laughs with univocal laughter. Talking I was to find myself of the never with ancient worshippers of power, in the narrow divinations, in a royal stability. Weariness of those who translate all into mirth, he, between Verrocchio and Sansovino, seeks to engage ever new animators. A deep ethereal parting the last deception, all intent in a deep contralateral state, I looked into that which I have not, certuno void of altered memory.

Into the unknown 10

True thoughts I reflected and dreamed of receiving mountains resembling vague clouds. Essents that on the brink of your arc, though swift and flexed to every tension, will derive motifs and directions from the trajectories you wish to offer. Invoked in the future tale I continue doubtful than to be attracted by the glow of a wall of ideals illuminating in surrounding nothingness. Nodes came to form in a cipher of indefinite litany and so I had to face the resistance of the solution that lurked. Living sayings of a then that I trust to be an expression of purity smacks of instinct and not hate, dew dug into resentment. Sailing to the false lion’s landing I spotted brilliant starry fires animating the liquid mutant that sustained us, bearer of assumptions beyond reasonable expectation, the quilted sumptuous firmament announced itself as dura lex and I who still await a sign hope that one day the false lion will rise. Fresh journey was instead thine for which thou hast come. Sands and roots did not keep you from coming here, in the gaze of visitation block one. Precious, the remnant of festive remembrances, is now kept in the reservoirs of the mountains resembling vague clouds, and your needs for the beautiful cry were stymied as decadent, drunk with the call of a necessary campaign. Heroic corner for us or not, hiding places or navels, circular enterprise. Velvety pillows dreamed a sleeping slumber awaiting the coming of the dura lex. Foreboding intent on shaping some small eternity, jewel the virtuoso sees already embellishing his modest pride, beached I take refuge beyond the solar rain. I finally reanimate the gallant seventh art giammai but mindful of the haunting events swirling, scene after scene. The futile future that fills her miraculous eyelash has taken shape. Not the straight and swift directions of the bow will ensure the desired returns, return will not be possible, you will then see pulsing the will that in the past bowed prone to necessity. Repentant, distraught it awaited those who would quench it with a narcotic. No longer will one care for those dreams that gave certainty, the faith so appealing to the crude punishment for those who will deflect from responsibility, unrestrained, denying truths of convenience, so the will uniquely will operate unchallenged. Mitigated by the systematic defense of history all collected memory I will face now suffered. All that wanted to comfort me in the past, hope in particular I will propose to disown and then cast out so that never again will it be added to propositions finally free. It remained finally, lest it be lost in the magma of nonsense, immune both to the placid idleness of yokes and delinquent in the betrayals of memory. But a memory of his was mistaken for that mirage, the long-awaited dreamed one, and lucid insights then surfaced from incomprehension. Open portents, dense, direct, rushed into the happening. Those yearning for misunderstood tensions were caught off guard. Witnessing the fact, the happening, entails longing for newfound wisdom, like grit reflecting deep red flashes offered hesitantly. For the meanders of dark cages, I thought, lies captive self-defense, stumbling stone of all sorts, claw of war. Multitudes of wanderers wander there where return is near, be darkness, beyond degree zero, beyond any plan put at the end of time. Who was I before the unforeseen splendors? Who was I to accept a singular gift without necessarily rejecting the prior condition enjoined?