Liminal path


What, which in the beginning of the Preface to this work we said was the ordinary fate of the immense hours, especially of the living Animules, is that they can never be brought to such perfection, if they are not always capable of amends and growth.


I lift my right foot, bring it forward, and stop it, and on it the body is arranged, and then the left foot forward. The line that marks the boundary between the described mentioned and destiny is crossed. I am beyond the obvious astonished and obtuse, with no regrets for the comfortable atone past. Crackling expectations disarm the silence of mists and divide the obsequious tracks. Noiselessly fall the conventions concealed from the modesty of logical sense.

Sometimes there are those who slow their pace or stop in curiosity at the unusual spectacle. “The doctor recommends I get some clouds,” he often said at the end of the ritual.

Time dilation, in elementary introductions to Joseph Conti’s Immanent Remission Theory, is often demonstrated by resorting to the so-called “perspicuo corporalis clock.” This is a biological clock consisting of a beautiful soul that emits brief impulses of conscious presence toward an everted mirror i.e., the earthly context placed above life itself. The conscious impulses are reflected and then return toward the limbic space. The duration of a complete round trip can ideally be used as a basis for scanning the time of immense hours. Following the method adopted, before embarking on the journey, it is convenient to determine the distance of the place, to which one is to go, and its topographical location.

I approach the divarication of the compact conjectures of soft obviousness. The result I observe somewhat surprised, but only a little, is in the subtle circumvolutions barely visible at the edges of traditional drafts resulting in levitating doubts, vaporous question marks hovering silently.


I walk in constant memory of a journey never made

One of the cornerstones is the concept of accountability for the direction chosen. A voice from the street says, “If you are always responsible for the results of your efforts anyway, adopt the system that allows you to choose the degree of intensity of the narrative. That you face obstacles is implied. If you lose direction because the obstacles are complex you are not light enough.”

General audience in anonymous street, afternoon hours of a past day.

Random paths