Liminal path

Plotted canticle

An ancient legend says that one day a tar tree scolded the wood for unworthy treatment. Replied the wood, “It is a third person who attended with genuine spirit,” then the contented tree sang in Chinese tung.

De Rerum bitumen

In its raw state it is employable in the hands, face, voice and body from the nature of the original organic matrix mainly discards the prose that is, primarily, sound i.e., interruptions of trajectories, ignoring or forgetting spaces appropriately deprived of the share of signification addressed in smaller proportions to other substances containing oxygen and more.

The organic matter present in mineral tar, represented mainly by aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as well as nitrogen and sulfur, works at the strategy of margin persuasion affecting the auditory cortex (along with Wernicke’s area) and preventing the expiration of the processed margin in the audio signal of an improbable invention, however ingenious in words.

Light, medium, heavy and anthracene oils, have a mirage-like effect and achieve comprehension and pity by encoding information in the hieratic form of timeless admiration: spacing, punctuation, suspension.

Revelation depends on the different existing strategies to implement dry distillation so that one can focus one’s attention on the meaning of the word tar.

Light reflections

The use of thermal rhyme performed with rhythm can force the need for alliteration, assonance, consonance and finally repetition, which the more concentrated it is the lesser the merit because of the greater thermal and chemical instability of its constituents. Each has a predictable physical effect on our assertive systems. Finally, the residue may have different proportions of its main constituents mentioned above.

Emoticon and asphalt