Liminal path

Ego-connective asphalt

Conditions for its production and dissemination.

Beyond the private management and regulation of the negotiated relationships provided, the application of ego-connective asphalt allows the public space to benefit, as will be mentioned below, from the activity carried out by the surfaces concerned of effectively takes the form of friendly and protective custom, a form to which the homeless person, who in the public space has the only available space to stand, easily and convincingly relies.

Small is the portion of life we live, in fact all the remaining space is not life but time.

Lucio Anneo Seneca, De brevitate vitae, 49 d.C.

Waste land

Hypothesis: explore and reinforce kinematic viscosity at 135°C mm 2 /s EN 12595 ≥ 370 contemporary in a muted context.

For a discursive platform for reflection on the symbiosis between the self and asphalt through an exploration on the intellectual and critical value of chemical analysis. Bitumens have a weight percentage of carbon and hydrogen around 80 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Connecting and reinforcing the contemporary discourse on the autonomous format of road shelter and road surface. According to the law on the realization of the peripatetic stop assisted by a minimum of two curatorial assistants, it is believed that no two asphalt surfaces can exist composed of chemically identical bitumens, this is because the chemical composition of the material is relative to the type of composition that the crude oil assumes (primary origin) including the date of extraction as well as the refining process undergone, from the reactions it undergoes as well as the professional responsibilities for the conceptual framework as well as the podiatric works and mimetic artifice designs decided and agreed upon with the holder of the stopping space, during its use on our contemporary time. Create interest and involvement from the local public, as well as wide bystander public, where it expresses a temporal fragment during the given path.

Increasingly needed will be experience and desire to work in a team, great work skills, focus on the project and ability to implement it. Participate in the development of an existential street mediation program of passage into the public sphere, as well as in the publications that are produced.

The media controversy surrounding the work points to a relatively recent development in the history of ego-connective asphalt, in fact, in order to use such asphalt, after being supplied with asphalt breads (purified bitumen and asphalt flour) one will have to go through the process of melting; with an addition of sand and gravel. The difficulty will be evidenced in the attempt by gamma waves to inoculate one’s historical trace into the boiling, semi-fluid mass, while casting on the surface to be covered, first spread and then compressed.

As the forms of personalized archetypes proliferate in the still-hot magma, everyone will have to pay close attention and work harder to stand out in the narrative of the Self.

That is why the sidewalk made with ego-connective asphalt is currently aligned with temporary parking benches and why many of the world’s galleries and museums save their best waiting times for the multitude of existential stationing. The particular interest is due to the capacity of such environments to be more sensitive and attentive to the role and prominence of self-narrative in existential stationing areas, through the experience and expertise of our experimental research.

There is also a recurring awareness that the sidewalk and the road are tarred in the image and likeness of the islands of non-thinking but this is not accurate: the ego-connective asphalt artifact is a self-consistent thought, with liquid behavior, dense in consistency and capacity for self-referentiality. Its lymphatic spirit is obtained from the distillation of wood, lignite, bone, charcoal, etc. The expansion of ego-connective asphalt is a public experiential event.

One of the central themes of the ego-connective asphalt research and application work is the attempt to “normalize” the threatened state of the subject who decides for existential stationing. Faced with the stresses of perpetual anonymous flux, spatially placing oneself orthogonally more and more “absorbs” the visible on the surface by virtue of its own absence thus forming in the subject the conviction that the non-place that surrounds him or her is a devious and unpredictable threat.

Placed in the right measure the ego-connective asphalt quickly assumes the form of the friendly and protective custom and as if discarded and dissolved with its coming, the area of the non-place mutates and is enriched with personal archetypal references, continuously and rapidly evolving generates identity production.

Applied asphalt ego connective

Detections and coaxial connections generated by ego-connective asphalt.

A number of models were defined in the experimentation of ego-connective asphalt from the theory of “ethical-aesthetics” through various compositions and additions were made. For both interior and exterior applications. In the case of interior pavement one can think, for example, of a cavity for behavior removed due to even accidental observations, or even a marginal prior office. But also for applications to the extreme is the ego-connective asphalt that with the work of Parke 44k, considers many resolving ways for artists of provisional existence to create, reinvent and speak in their own contexts against a backdrop of experiments and institutional antagonisms.

Consider, for example, the man who wears no shoes and crawls along the baking asphalt with socks on his hands. We know that hot mixing asphalt is applied at temperatures of 200-250°C (95-120°C), resulting in reduced energy use and emissions of volatile organic compounds. Here, the use of ego-connective asphalt avoids this inconvenience and removes with some somatotopic barriers molded for the need, the scorching road surface.

Claims one staunch proponent of existential stationing, “Someone who crawls along the road when it is over 100 degrees – he does not survive without incurring third-degree burns!”

Yet, for most people, the melting of the road surface is mostly avoidable through the use of ego-connective asphalt.

For Parke 44k, ego-connective asphalt has become the means to reconfigure the coaxial logic of first-degree relationships with subsequent degrees of the World. Parke 44k explores the philosophical significance of the self-modeling processes of ego-connective asphalt and contemporary conditions of exposure, describes how an excellent contribution to experimentation is made by the artist who recovers the unrecognized marginal of the removed as the center of the World.