Prototype T-0


The conservative proto-memory first received a theoretical and methodological definition as a technical/scientific and critical/analytical intervention during the course traced by research on remembrance, research aimed at achieving a common and shared proto-memory, an additive cataloging in the face of the multi-systemic nature of memory. The purpose of the proto-memory condition was a praxis aimed at the development of a dynamic performative system, a system that would detect any original cores in the sign-sense relationship.

Goal of the conservative proto-memory: an integrity of form of our experiences in synchronic parallelism to the underlying physiological processes.

May it be happily employed by one whose harmonious tongue can paint all that imagination can create

Not so much, then, a classification by time-established categories involving a punctual application of “tags,” a classification that is based on a paradoxical continuous plot of parceled meaning, a plot produced by the inevitable subjectivity to which each “tag” responds and which shifts, declines or grows by resonance in the continuous fluctuation of semic stimuli. An indistinct and fluctuating reverberation.

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