Story of a subordination

On the bearing of historical action in the retroflexed vision, that is, on the factual global force it takes on the incidentality of the scanning of binding links.
Retroflexed historical vision, therefore, which articulates itself by freeing itself from the coherent presupposition, rising above the narrative, and then turning backwards. to perceive the future in an indistinct glimmer. Stretching then towards that which is poorly distinguished, it stretches out to touch the anterior past suffered but not generated.

The exploits that occurred in the place called limine to Lar, the inhabitant of suspended space. He was remembered because of his life, now prescribed, in which he instituted paramnesic contemplations, and as the first Magister also recalled, he found the speculations of fleeting lines on the horizon of epiphenomena.

The phenomenon increased in those things of weak vividness; then, having passed into the hospice, he learned as an explorer how to orient himself by means of the humanizations, the so-called disciplines of homeostasis of the body-dimora in its experiencing; dissonant waves of vorticity towards the nucleus surrounded by forgotten deposits of memory, by virtue of the intra-moenia vorticity, acting on the perturbation of the force, he sowed among his geometrical things recollections of perfect coherence, such as to compete with the systems of the compound astronomers.

Of the constituted hospice the trait is soon made, he was of somewhat abstruse wit, and constantly melancholic, an enemy of the senses, and imaginative in his knowledge.

Of modest condition, he was of inconsistent life.

But of Lar, on the contrary, falsely giving the name of benign solver, he is then to have on the true evils, his tried and in their sadness awaiting them, he observes them attentively; and much more so when this suspended inhabitant of the world comes to his vital possession. Constant in his cause, he will overcome every intention of the hospice to remember his own things and familiar affections. It will be his grace to abandon that larva to the order of brute Nature.

Observing how a neglected spirit can change his anguish into survival, a tremendous virtue, so that it may be manifested, he had not at all prepared his arms but rather attracted his enemy to him; if such fate had depended on Fortune, then perhaps of his soul he might have been able to hold it back”; in a sort of contagion channelled by abject passions unbridled within a serious disarrayed action. These feral pains made him feel the weight of the empty memories more serious, and fearing for his being a prisoner of himself, he was moved with all solicitude in the dim last phantasmal recollection to ask about his own history.

Manifest in paramnesia is a vividness of eidetic appearances. They produce a rarefaction of the conscious will. This inertia is an abandonment of the moving will in actions. It is always the imaginary under the empire of his thought that turns the character of the hospice into subservience, such that Lar imposes his own memorial in egoic actions.

Then the form that appears to the royal hospice manifests itself to that mind of foreign remembrances, so that to mitigate such servitude, many sites of dark fame come to be removed from the temporal jurisdiction of the princes, as well as the doctrines erroneously taught by so many false prophets.

The hospice soul, enlivened by the foreign recollection, is convinced, so full of wonder, that those vivid things are inscribed in his lineage. That youthful sentiment, artfully evoked by the latter, also played its part is a matter of certainty.

So that human shelter, looking back in a line formed of the finest memories, is indeed lost. Very long is the tense spinning, since it departs from its distant primordial beginning in this world, time invokes in the manner of its nature.

And with unbelievable fatigue her soul appeals to the constructs of the World to win that concordance of so many intentions to the same sense of truth. A necessary criterion so that it can see the old world with a new look.

The history of new remembrances began to give birth to that indolent attitude, that contempt for the just anguish of death, and finally the affirmation of the most absolute oblivion of our sad sister. With each course of the sun the paramnesia wove new plots, strengthening the warp of endured dreams, never dissolved in the new time.

Hai Sentito? Su Don Girolamo Ferretti, prevosto, 7-6-1866
Hai Sentito? Su Don Girolamo Ferretti, prevosto, 7-6-1866

The assault

Agile is the descent towards the dark past when it is foreign, similarly it seems that the familiar sense, the sense of that remote thought, was more arduous, distant.

The substance it housed, unadorned of its sense of self, devoid of familiar memories except for those hidden underground caverns, appealed to the sense of strangeness that sometimes, under particular conditions, took it upon itself to awaken those dormant vestiges.

In the original structure, the only decisive agent imposed himself, the Lar, strong in his own power of taming the domains of others to make them regnum suum.

That verse that the Lar concretises, is also true proof of that will of his to acquire mastery by passing into unconscious remembrance.

On many sides, indeed, it was argued that an attempt was made to put in place the grave appraisal of frustrated memories, retraced, and it was declared that one trusted in a consolation, supplicating the clemency promised by the changed thought.

Certain that it will overcome that wrong which the Old World had committed and which must never go unpunished.

From these facts we learn the most important lesson: “Only after the foreign presence has been caught and then removed from the city, so that this deadly adversary can be disposed of to other shores, will the unwise hospice finally be able to dwell there in peace.

The corporeal dowry of the hospice represents, at last, that everything which is caducous, material substance, and which comes to us of itself by learning through the senses; the possessor in the shadow that we call Lar is in everything that is affirmed in the supersensible world, and is moved by the regret of life, which in him is now only contemplation of the intellect, remembrance, nostalgia.

Legitimising themselves as happens in the universal axioms, they reach a symbiosis that accords in them all those opinions, and all those physical and moral wills.

At the mercy of that apparent form of humble survival, the hospice did not have to degrade, so that it could indeed risk the dissolution that was for Lar the certain abandonment of that venerable place.

How soon our sincere hopes were dashed when the air of melancholy transpired over the bare turf of that silent mist-shrouded land.

How soon our sincere hopes were dashed when the air of mournfulness transpired over the bare clods of that silent land enveloped in mist.

The mournful silence that reigned there questioned the disarmed mausoleum.

Beginning of time other, taken as law in such a building, showed itself to us in black veils, shadows of mute absence, these foreign memories carefully painted our history, veiling with such splendour what and how near was the loss of true history.

A false familiarity, born of the consummation of germane remembrance, and generating the perversion of remembrance, snaked with impunity through the whipped chambers of such a sepulchre, where the mutual concord of fraternal vestiges had given way to the invading genius, a spirit escorted by the retinue of its own recollections. Discord and confusion ensued. Forest glories, with what followed, pitted son against father, servant against master, transience against eternity.

Many wanted to know with what arts the aforementioned Lar mastered the soul of the hospice. This was quickly portrayed: poor in spirit, prone to melancholy and easy to sigh.

There was also speculation about the power of such a marauder, capable of creating secret passages where the intellect, powerless and alien to any conscious thought, son of natural conscience, abandoned itself to chase after the splendour of others.

In the face of this useless wandering behind a foreign remembrance, speech, on the contrary, abandoned its hopes of being understood.

For then, even when all seemed lost, an upheaval happened from the depths.

Hai Sentito? Su Adriano Alberti, 1939
Hai Sentito? Su Adriano Alberti, 1939

The revolt

It happened that, while the brightest new memories prodigiously multiplied, the subterranean and salvific opportunities moved to resist; these originated from its escaped relics, unknown to current reason, dwellers of the dark wells, cavities long since dug by the motions of detachment, who were not equally heirs of natural memory, but instead considered themselves the founders of the atavistic critical spirit.

Such a movement, in most effective progress, widely followed by pieces of volition in successive summation, grew from where the impulse of a hint of estrangement had started.  And as such a movement of the underground became an idea that finally saw the light of conscience, it then, accustomed to the dangers of persecution, became a shrewd idea, worthy daughter of Proteus, changing its forms so as not to be understood in all the domains of the LAR in the same way, but changing form and species as necessary.

Although such wiles may seem idle and dictated by the fantasy of the dream, the latter proves to be an ally aware of the fact that the strategies he employed were not to be those of the new lord of the house so that they should not help to clarify the meaning of the manoeuvres hostile to him.

Vain therefore is the question, whether he is to blame in this. But let it be the past without any familiar time, that the hospice has not in it his house revised.

Therefore this simulating to him will only harm him in the expansion of time, and will not harm him in any way if it helps to keep the forces of the soul critical:

How far from Lar he will manage to stay, how far he will stay from his dominion.

Tried to attack the foreign memories separately, he found all the cohesive remembrance ready for defence: so that the movement of the family rebirth finally declared itself.

Vindice, through his own disdain, warned of his changed actions, and in concert with the weather, prepared himself for the perilous upheaval.

Lar, who watched over the sudden plot, did not want to prevent him from doing so.  

Two narrating souls then began the duel by contending ideas, so that even the fundamental reflection, which the whole contained, of those grave disputes wanted to question itself.

In the same way, the natural remembrance of the hospice, in order to regain his story, generated in his life, a precious and beloved shadow, undertook a risky climb, overcoming a solid and imposing wall of obtunding, so that that search for it without results, would finally be right in the longed-for reconquest.

The Lar became convinced that all would eventually come to confess their faith in the new remembrance, so firm and bright. They would make their voices heard, if they could be heard, thought the Lar. In the opposite direction, the hospice, and his revived family movement, exalted the effect of their fortitude with the beautiful example of courage, inspired in the weak and still uncertain original memories, of the declaration of truth launched against the Lar.

Many small memories, and some weak dreams had become empty servant simulacra of the new law; now firmed by the aforementioned declaration they too presented themselves and repairing their servitude reconstituted those original images, ready to give them life for future memories.

The unfolding in the chaotic space of the imagination of the assumed true and the undermined verisimilar thus began.

Hai Sentito? Hydrogen e la sudditanza
Hai Sentito? Hydrogen e la sudditanza

The dispute

Confident in the true tradition, the familiar movement called past time to its rescue, confident that it would respond ready to the fight with its firm moments fixed in the eternal.

The Lar faithful to itself, to the will to exist, almost an echo made.

The Present became the judge of this contest. The values of one clashed with those of the other, and they all appealed to reason, which continued to irradiate motives into the lives of all in equal measure, so that the faults and virtues

of the appellants took no advantage. The immense storms of souls who experienced the misfortune of the dark immanence of the end, just as those who are forced to submit to the sudden ferocities, aware that no help will be offered to them where foreign will rages with supreme violence.

The neglected of spirit, the dissatisfied, the bored, the haughty who encounter the Lar on the territories of suspended reminiscences will be warned. After wrapping him in the vortices above the surface of the fluid aspirations like steam, he disperses him in his original reminiscence and leaves him a stranger to himself, in soul and in body.  The erythronium indicator will rush to show the way for the host animula to travel.

Then, in individual cases, the exceptions came to oppose each other, taking it upon themselves to disprove the current rule in order to assert their own, and with the Present, having become the judge, the few different exceptions served one and the same master, the undisputed ego.

All that remained was to admonish the many occurrences not to utter anything that poisons the soul;

and here at the bottom of any discernment of the many motives and the many others that could have claimed their legitimate existence,

And certainly many were and great were the virtues that the two antagonists were able to display. From one side to the other resounded probity, confident faith in authority, affectionate sonship, parental love. Moderation in all desires, prudent reflection and reasoning with wisdom, forthright judgments and sincerely true to one’s beliefs.

Neither the defeats received from the hospice, nor the prodigious number of memories that Lar was able to enumerate for his legitimisation, convinced the Present at all.

There was now nothing left for the rivals but corporeality, and this was then surrounded by a very tight siege, and both sides claimed the reasons for its domination over the conscious and the unconscious.

Lar left no avenue unexplored to enlarge his claims.

However, the precarious hospice then proposed a coexistence such that future claims would no longer threaten the effort and ambition of the powerful host.

Turning to his faith, he appealed to the memories of friends and family to be reborn from the ruins of his father’s mutual homes.

So that similar advantage does not turn the harmonious dominion of respect into despotic disaster of the entire monument, the Lar, in order not to fail the faith of agreements guaranteeing his survival, ascends from the fury of war.

With the reigning Lar, even the hospice grew in proportion, within its limits, out of anguish and ambivalence.

In the presence of a simultaneous insufflation of all remembrances, the suffering of remembrance forces the listener into the enchantment of the universe. becoming impetus and force unveiled, memory offers itself as the semblance of nature as a whole, as the word of beliefs and speculations about them, finally showing itself as the opinion of truth.

Critical considerations around a communicated and shared memory

It is true that they advise against reducing the conflict into harmonious conciliability, bringing it into critical propagation where, open at its extremes, it will align with the balanced forces of the universe. In order to restore harmony in the conflict of the double reason, it is with hydrogen gas that this operation is always followed by good results, even for those who do not have much dexterity and exercise; whereas by treating the conflict, as is the usual practice, the concordance will evaporate into excess and collision. In any small quantity, they will remain adversaries in the miserable organic capsule, vexed by discord.

One will have to element hydrogen from steam, avoiding, moreover, the use of artefactual and foreign memories, which are never necessary when one wants to make fission limpid lucubration, efficient to satisfy those merits that aspire to a new generation.