The manifestation of the Lar

From Fr. Baltieri’s report on the dynamic effects of the Lar, Ch. IV:

“From the comparison of the observations with the recurrent manifestations of paramnesia we are therefore induced to admit that the vortex is the main vector of the process of possession of an extra-corporeal spirit which we shall call the Lar. Such is the existence of that force which, in substitution, attracts to itself the feelings of recognition of territories as new as they are familiar. Scenarios that, anchored in certain remembrances, confirm the appeasement.

Imperciocally, the manifest force still attracts knowledge with an intensity by direct reason of multiple internal presences. Reverse Memory in associative reasoning, experienced across the distances of time and space, intervenes as the connective force of nature itself.

The main action, called vorticity, we claim acts with equal law for each selection of consciousness as a fluid of infinitesimal thickness. In such motion it happens that the rotary pattern, with subdued angular velocity ω, equanimous, alloys the Lar, subsumed in the host consciousness. In order that each selection that engages some particular area of consciousness moves to the right with velocity u(x), and then in reaction rotates upon itself with motion expressed in angular velocity ω(x), it will be necessary for such a vortex to have sufficient voluntary energy. Therefore, the amount of such energy will be decisive for Lar access.”


On the observation of the feelings expressed in paramnesics, with regard to the gravity they express, it is worth considering that this is a special case of affirmative force and in time and space, such that, as we believe, it contains within itself the ability to interpret the signs of induced epiphanies. For this is the only possibility of reading the sense of changes in the territory that possesses that soul invested by paramnesia.

And since it is a general principle in nature that reaction is equal and opposite to action in recursive 118 we can affirm, with a high degree of certainty, that every single identity will be simultaneously attracted by all the knowledges gravitating in the system-World, according to the law indicated, and so will be likewise the memories given and received which will be accepted as their own; reverberations of earthly human experience, expressed in the body with harmonious envelopments in the form of a vortex.

Thus by analogy we may hold with foundation that, through the general laws of motion, the two selves with each other in communion of body, attract each other by the same law and not only between memory and memory but also between elements of spirit as found in ordinary experiences on the gravity of symbiosis.

Joseph Conti. 1921